Shaun Smakal

Landscape Architect

“What I like most about landscape architecture is the vast range and diversity of knowledge and expertise exemplified by the profession and the strength that brings to our built environment. Whether it’s the potential to address issues of social and environmental equality, or vital challenges like climate change and resilience, few professions are as flexible or capable of responding as landscape architecture”, says Shaun.

Shaun had originally planned on pursuing a career in Industrial Design, in particular special effects, but in his 3rd year of undergrad at the University of Michigan where he obtained his B.Sc. in Resource Planning, he enrolled in Will Marsh’s “Cultural Landscapes” course that would forever change his career path. “His survey of how the different natural landscapes and environments that ancient societies lived in had intimately influenced their development”, Shaun explains, “seemed dramatically more vital work than designing aliens for the next Star Wars movie”. From that point on, Shaun decided he was going to be a Landscape Architect. In 2002, he moved to Vancouver, which was a fascinating contrast from Flint, MI and followed Will to UBC, where he graduated with his Masters in Landscape Architecture.

In his downtime, Shaun enjoys hiking, camping and traveling as much as possible. He can also be found exploring the neighborhood, hosting board game/cocktail nights with his wife, or indulging his pop culture/sci-fi cravings with books, video games, or Netflix.