Nicci Theroux

Associate, Landscape Architect

Nicci provides eta with a unique perspective, having spent 25 years in theatre and corporate events, where she utilized her creative prowess in finding the story behind each play, event, performance where the lure of the narrative was always present. “Landscapes also tell a narrative,” she explains, “it reveals how and why we use the landscape. Stories are launched”.

Nicci is drawn to all things soil, as it is the foundation of where we live, work and play. This attraction moved Nicci to pursue a BA in Environmental Geography at UBC, which led her to complete her Masters in Landscape Architecture. Her story-telling continues at eta, where she’s always up to the challenge of “coaxing a story out of the places we shape, work with the story to create a place, and a new story that the users will make their own”.

Away from the office, Nicci spends her time with her family hiking, sailing, and kayaking. She also enjoys making music with her guitar, playing with her dog and travelling.

“We might say that the earth has the spirit of growth; that its flesh is the soil.” - Leonardo da Vinci